Backpacks for Men

Zobello Backpacks for Men in India

Zobello International is a company that got its start in 2014 out of India. The guy who started the whole business is Rahul (hence the company name) and he started this business at a bright and early age of 23. You will notice the company has an Z for its logo, but it's a unique Z. The Z for their logo has no middle horizontal bar running through. The company sells everything from clothes, to shoes, to belts, and they even sell Zobello backpacks for men. The backpacks for men at the moment come in three different materials. They come in nylon, canvas, or leather. If you are on a budget I would highly suggest purchasing nylon or even a canvas bag, because the leather materials tend to be a little bit more money.

They also come in eleven different colors, so you are bound to find one that works for you. They are also pretty reasonable when you are comparing them to other companies in the business. Also, the backpacks for men sell for about $40 dollars apiece (give or take), but usually around that price range. The Zobello backpacks for men serve many purposes. You can use your online backpacks for men to lug around your lap tops, skate boards, and they even come with a spot to put any type of media device you may own, including a cord feed slot on the outside for musically obsessed costumers.

The company has two sections when it comes to their bags. They sell Zobello backpacks for men as well as Zobello backpacks for men online. The backpacks for men for girls comes in floral prints, plaids, the bright and hot neon colors that have definitely made a huge comeback from the 1980's. Zobello backpacks for men for guys are pretty similar, minus the floral print look (sorry guys). I suppose if you are a dude and really want a flowery backpack you will just have to purchase a ladies bag.

There are two types of bags that are pretty popular at the moment. The Zobello backpack, and the Foundation backpack. The Zobello is the type of bag that comes with the spot for things like your iPod, with the cord feed. It's definitely perfect for skaters who enjoy listening to some music to get them in their perfect zone. The Foundation bag is one solid color (but it comes in a variety of colors at that). The Foundation bag also has a line of wallets that Zobello has created to match the bags, so if you're into matching your accessories you are in luck. Also another neat thing about the backpack is that they come with wider and thicker straps. Not only is nice for the athletes who carry their gear, but the backpacks for men can and usually are used for school. So it's nice when you have to take home a lot of books, lap top, or any other school items that may be heavy. The shoulder straps just soften the pain that normally you would feel with a competitor's brand.